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Original Road

The original Cemetery road wound its way up the hill in Kernville, made its way through the Chapin Arch and entered the Cemetery near the administrative office building.


Receiving Vault

The receiving vault was constructed in 1909. A secure facility was needed to hold bodies while graves were opened and prepared by hand. Today the graves are all opened by heavy equipment so the receiving vault is now used for storage.


Grand Army of the Republic Memorial

This memorial was erected to honor those who fought in the Civil War. The figure on top of the monument faces toward Gettysburg.


The 1889 Flood Memorial Unknown Plot

The Unknown Plot was dedicated on May 31, 1892. 10,000 people attended the dedication including the Governor and other prominent state leaders. 777 unknown victims are buried in the plot.


Morrell Circle

Resting place of Daniel J. Morrell who was elected General Superintendent of the Cambria Iron Works in 1862. Mr. Morrell died in 1885. Mr. Morrell was one of the most prominent citizens of the time. The Morrellville section of the city was named in his honor. Every year, Westmont Borough holds a Memorial Day Service at the Morrell Circle.


Lucretia Hammond Burial Site

First person to be buried at Grandview Cemetery on April 30, 1887.


Dr. John Kidd Lee

Dr. Lee was the first homeopathic physician and surgeon to practice in Cambria County. He lost his life in the Great Flood of 1889. Lee Hospital was named for him.


Daniel Stackhouse Gravesite

Daniel Stackhouse gifted the land that is now Stackhouse Park in honor of his father Powell Stackhouse. Daniel Stackhouse was President of the Cambria Iron Works.


John H. Waters Mausoleum

John H. Waters was the Chairman of the National Radiator Company.


John P. Saylor Gravesite

John P. Saylor served in the U.S. House of Representatives from September 13, 1949 until his death on October 28, 1973.


J. Irving Whalley Gravesite

J. Irving Whalley served in the U.S. House of Representatives from 1960 to 1973.


Albert M. Swank Mausoleum

Albert M. Swank was the founder of Swank Refractories which made heat resistant products used in steel production.


Boyd D. “Buzz” Wagner

Lieutenant Colonel Boyd David “Buzz” Wagner was an American aviator and the first United States Army Air Corps fighter ace of World War II. He died in a plane crash on November 29, 1942.


Private Gerald Horner Statue

Pvt. Gerald Horner lost his life in France during WWI. Horner sent a photo of himself in full dress uniform to his mother. She sent the photo to an artist in Italy who made the sculpture for his gravesite.


Harris Temple of Love

Erected by the Harris Family.


Gallo Plot

Joseph Gallo, Sr. operated the Gallo news stand near City Hall for many years.


Union Cemetery Marker

The Union Cemetery was located where the current Cambria County War Memorial Arena now stands.


W. Horace Rose Mausoleum

W. Horace Rose was the first mayor of the City of Johnstown. 17 of 19 deceased mayors of Johnstown are interred or entombed in the Cemetery.


Israel Isaiah Plot

This is the largest Jewish section in Grandview Cemetery.


5 Mausoleums of Grandview Cemetery

Pat Cummings, Pete Duranko & Frank Pasquerilla.


John P. Murtha Gravesite

John P. Murtha served in the U. S. House of Representatives from February 5, 1974 to February 8, 2010.


Stone Wall

Erected in 1904.


George W. Reed Gravesite

Congressional Medal of Honor winner from the Civil War.