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Take a walk through history at Grandview Cemetery, where the stories of the past are etched in stone.


Grand Army of the Republic Memorial

This memorial was erected to honor those who fought in the Civil War. The figure on top of the monument faces toward Gettysburg.


The 1889 Flood Memorial

The Unknown Plot was dedicated on May 31, 1892. 777 unknown victims are buried in the plot.


Morrell Circle

Resting place of Daniel J. Morrell who was elected General Superintendent of the Cambria Iron Works in 1862. Mr. Morrell was one of the most prominent citizens of the time.


Boyd D. “Buzz” Wagner

Lieutenant Colonel Boyd David “Buzz” Wagner was an American aviator and the first U.S. Army Air Corps fighter ace of World War II.

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Our Rich History

After the American Civil War, the demand for iron and steel grew. The Cambria Iron Company of Johnstown met that demand, creating jobs and attracting immigrants. As the population grew, the need for more cemeteries arose. In 1884, a group of concerned citizens met to develop a new cemetery for Johnstown.