Who We Are

As the scope and operations of Grandview Cemetery was expanded, over nearly a century and a half, the ongoing efforts for the Association have enabled Grandview to grow and expand its operations, services, and facilities to meet the needs of the Johnstown region. These are the individuals who have made that happen.

Board of Corporators

  • Abood, Atty. Caram J.
  • Antonazzo, Atty. Nicholas O.
  • Ashman, Dr. George S.
  • Bingler John A.
  • Bortel, John F.
  • Brader, William G.
  • Buettner, Eric
  • Carney, Dr. William
  • Custer, Byron K. III
  • Folta, Frederick J.
  • Gigliotti, Carole Furst
  • Herbert, Deborah L.
  • Kriak, John M.
  • Mamula, Charles M.
  • Maravalli, Dr. Camille J.
  • Marovich, Michael R.
  • Meehan, Michael
  • Morgan, Dr. Owen K.
  • Moyer, Fred R.
  • Noble, John W. III
  • Overdorff, Donald C.
  • Pavlik, Roger
  • Pawlowski, Edwin T.
  • Piatak, Mary Clare
  • Picking, Howard M. III
  • Pile, Kevin L.
  • Price, Charles S. III
  • Salem, Dr. George
  • Sargent, Sara A.
  • Schrott, Richard D.
  • Shahade, Atty. Robert
  • Shea, Dr. Charles
  • Shorto, Joseph
  • Stutzman, James
  • Thomson, David
  • Wharton, Atty. Denver E.
  • Wissinger, Mark
  • Wolfe, J. Douglas
  • Wolfe, Michael B.
  • Zolbe, Oscar K.

Board Of Trustees

  • Michael B. Wolfe – Chairman
  • Donald C. Overdorff
  • Charles S. Price III – Vice Chairman
  • Richard D. Schrott
  • Atty. Nicholas O. Antonazzo
  • Atty. Denver E. Wharton
  • Dr. George S. Ashman


  • Michael B. Wolfe – Chairman
  • Mark J. Duray – President & Chief Operating Officer
  • Kenneth W. Jones – Secretary-Treasurer


  • Bernard F. Kralik – Foreman
  • Gary W. Helsel – Assistant Foreman

Grandview Cemetery is a member of the Pennsylvania Cemetery Cremation and Funeral Association (PCCFA)